Do Not Use Chemicals to Clean Your Drains

One of the major calls that we get from clients has to do with cleaning drains. Often times people will let their hair clog up in the bathtub drain. Instead of taking the time to get out the hair, they leave it in the drain. Eventually, the hair clogs up with water. Then, it begins to disengage. It gets settled into the pipes to where it gets clogged. After this, our clients recognize that something is going on. The first thing they think about doing is purchasing Drano. Drano is one of the worst things you could do to your pipes. The chemicals if used over time begins to eat away at your pipes. It may help with getting rid of the clog, but it starts effecting the pipes. Long term it is the worst for your pipes. Yet we find that if you do this long term it is going to cause much more damage. One company, Greenville SC Plumbers, did a test on their clients to see the effects of Drano. After polling about 25 clients who used Drano, they determined that it was going to harshly effect their pipes in the long run. In the end, they wrote a resource article to better help their clients get rid of drains in a more efficient and better manner. They could either using a plumbing snake that snakes its way all the way through the pipes. The snake has the ability to push the clog through the pipes and it gets it moving. They also recommended using baking soda and vinegar to help with the clogs. They found that this works just as good as Drano and is less harmful. If you need any other advice for your clogged drains, then please feel free to give us a call to help you.